DevOps as a Supscription

You are not buying man-hours, you are buying fixed-price solution for a problem you have
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Benefits of DevOpsMonsters

  • Senior Experts
  • There are senior experts with enterprise experience in our teams consisting of solution architects, project managers and high-qualified engineers. This leads to an incredible boost of efficiency of our involvement in your projects and tasks.
  • Tailor-made Solutions
  • We are flexible and able to jump into the project on any stage. We like to analyze and evaluate your current technological stack, cloud or on-premise, and make an optimal mix from your existing achievements and our knowledge and experience based on best practices.
  • Best Practices
  • Established enterprise values resiliency, risk management and process-based culture. We know and understand enterprise processes, standards and recommendations (ISO, ITIL, PMBoK and more) and will be able to work with, adapting to your processes, expectations and needs
  • Effective Processes
  • With our experience of enterprise projects we can take onboard your existing practices in the areas of support, incident/change/configuration management, or we can help you to set them up, if necessary. Quick rollout of CI/CD processes best suited to your needs is our speciality.
  • Years of Experience
  • With 20+ years of experience in enterprise projects, we know how to get involved at all levels: Project management, Architectural design and Implementation. We know how to work with your requirements with attention to details, we take care of your data and processes, making sure that all your needs for CI/CD, performance optimization, automated testing, high availability, reliability, security and backup are fully covered.



    • jenkins
    • gitlab
    • argo
    • azure_devops
    • bamboo
    • github_actions
    • aws

    Build automation

    • java
    • nodejs
    • python
    • go
    • flutter
    • maven
    • gradle
    • react
    • php
    • npm
    • vue.js
    • yarn
    • angular

    IaaC and Configuration Management

    • terraform
    • cloudformation
    • capistrano
    • chef
    • puppet
    • ansamble

    Tests and Code Quality

    • selenium
    • locust
    • jmeter
    • siege
    • taurus
    • sonarqube

    Log Analysis and Error Tracking

    • elk
    • graylog_
    • splunk
    • grafanaloki
    • airbrake
    • sentry

    Monitoring and APM

    • zabbix
    • nagios
    • prometheus
    • grafana
    • elastic
    • appdynamics
    • dynatrace
    • newrelic

    Clouds and Deployment Environments

    • aws
    • microsift azure
    • google cloud platform
    • digital ocean
    • hetzner
    • openstack
    • kubernetes
    • VMware

    Contact us

    We are glad to know more about your great project and environments, about your project industry and components (back-end, front-end, microservices, etc.) and discuss possible assessment and improvement of your environments and processes from devops perspective.