DevOps as a Subscription

You are not buying man-hours, you are buying fixed-price solution for a problem you have
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Benefits of DevOpsMonsters

  • Industry Monsters
  • All our team members are industry monsters with 8+ years of extensive experience in startup projects. We know how to handle your CI/CD efficiently, we can help you with process design and development, backups and monitoring, and more.
  • Tailor-made Solutions
  • We will not push you to switch to some other technologies, we will use everything that you have and we can suggest how to move your project forward in the most optimal way.
  • Best Practices
  • Startups want to move fast to achieve their goals, while established enterprise values resiliency, risk management and process-based culture. We know and understand both worlds and will be able to work with, adapting to your processes, expectations and needs.
  • Long-term Relationships
  • We offer you reliability and a sense of security. We value long-term relationships. Startups are often fluid, with people coming and going, and sometimes taking critical knowledge and expertise with them at the most unfortunate moment - but we will always be there for you and will support you through thick and thin.
  • Post-launch Support
  • We aim to launch your project within a couple of weeks, depending on scale. We will provide post-launch support, aiming to solve most of the issues on the same day.
  • Everything Documented
  • We prepare detailed documents on everything that we do in your project. DevOps with us is not a kind of mystery or magic. We reveal all the secrets behind your CI/CD for your clear understanding how it is organized and how it goes.

    Our experience allows us to offer you our DevOps Subscriptions for a fixed price!

    Subscription Name -> Pre-Seed Round A Round B
    Monthly Subscription Price
    Initial Setup, per month $2950
    (up to 1 month)
    (up to 2 month)
    (up to 4 month)
    Support, per month $1500 $2500 $4500
    Annual Subscription Price
    Initial setup and support, per year $16500 $29500 $60000
    Subscription Parameters
    Team size Up to 4
    Up to 7
    Up to 10
    Build automation
    (back-ends, front-ends, microservices)
    Up to 4
    Up to 8
    Up to 16
    Deployment automation Up to 4
    Up to 8
    Up to 16
    CI/CD processes review,
    design and implementation
    + + +
    Backup + + +
    Monitoring + +
    Log analysis + +
    IaaC + +
    Development process improvement design and implementation + +
    Autotests run + +
    UI tests run +
    Load tests run +
    Code quality analysis +
    Solution design consulting +
    Cost optimization +
    Application Performance Management +
    Disaster recovery +



    • jenkins
    • gitlab
    • argo
    • azure_devops
    • bamboo
    • github_actions
    • aws

    Build automation

    • java
    • nodejs
    • python
    • go
    • flutter
    • maven
    • gradle
    • react
    • php
    • npm
    • vue.js
    • yarn
    • angular

    IaaC and Configuration Management

    • terraform
    • cloudformation
    • capistrano
    • chef
    • puppet
    • ansamble

    Tests and Code Quality

    • selenium
    • locust
    • jmeter
    • siege
    • taurus
    • sonarqube

    Log Analysis and Error Tracking

    • elk
    • graylog_
    • splunk
    • grafanaloki
    • airbrake
    • sentry

    Monitoring and APM

    • zabbix
    • nagios
    • prometheus
    • grafana
    • elastic
    • appdynamics
    • dynatrace
    • newrelic

    Clouds and Deployment Environments

    • aws
    • microsift azure
    • google cloud platform
    • digital ocean
    • hetzner
    • openstack
    • kubernetes
    • VMware

    Contact us

    We are glad to know more about your great project and environments, about your project industry and components (back-end, front-end, microservices, etc.) and discuss possible assessment and improvement of your environments and processes from devops perspective.