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Success stories

Cost optimization of high load Ticket Booking Solution

Client makes a lot great decision from scratch starting this project and we support his CI/CD and cloud design. Later on we got request to review and streamline their AWS bills.

We had a request to optimize AWS monthly cost for air ticket booking system which used micro-services architecture with Apache Kafka.

Technology stack for this project is AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Dockers, Java, Kafka, ElasticSearch etc.

We started with making inventory of all the services used as usually.

Monitoring tools were already set up. Project used CloudWatch.

Cost optimization for Live Stream Marketplace

Client was not happy with their AWS bills and asked us to make it lean as possible without any degradation of their services performance and disaster recovery.

It's a product to make video presentation video streaming providing stable  and high quality solution. So, it's classical high load with 24/7 requirements and quite low cost for client. That's why cost of cloud infrastructure is quite important for business success. There is a few huge services it integrates to, so client has to provide streaming for with strict SLA.

DevOps Automation Professional Service
Our team builds, automates, containerizes, migrates, secures, optimizes, makes compliant — and creates harmony