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Leveraging and Securing Your Data: Three Essential Infrastructure Tips

Digital transformation initiatives require a data infrastructure
Digital transformation initiatives require a data infrastructure with open architecture, maximum availability, and invisible operations.

Today’s digital leaders have to compete in a data-driven culture. Accurate, fast, and seamless access to high-quality data is essential for effective and timely decision-making. Databases have a central role to play here, yet traditional database operations are often so disjointed, complex, and inefficient that they become obstacles standing between data capture and actionable insight, hampering business agility and innovation while raising costs. 

Many organizations have turned to the public cloud in an attempt to mitigate these challenges. But this approach can lead to unpredictable, and significantly higher, operational costs. For a host of reasons, deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) environment is often a better approach. 

The right HCI solution can deliver databases as a service (DBaaS) as an on-premises capability, providing the agility, simplicity, and scalability of the public cloud, but with lower costs and greater control and security. This approach enables databases to become an integral part of your “Infrastructure-as-Code” (IaC) strategy while also supporting your enterprise DevOps transformation.

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