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Vulnerable applications continue to be the top attack vector in externally caused security breaches at many enterprise organizations.
Sure, microservices are all the rage. But let’s not get carried  product management, software engineering perspectives

For the past few years, microservice-style architecture has been very popular, to the point where software projects fail to consider other options. Instead of asking themselves, “Should we use microservices?” developers just assume the answer is yes.

Docker Inc. and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today at the online AW
Justin Graham, vice president of products for Docker Inc., says the biggest benefit of the collaboration with AWS is the ability to seamlessly integrate a local instance of a Docker Compose file with AWS container services.
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Git is an essential and popular version control system. It has many powerful features like distributed version control system and easy to use. Also, it offers a powerful branching strategy and much more. Also, many git best practices help to use Git more effectively and productively.
Product Development teams the most advanced in their use of AL & ai and devops, artificial intelligence, bmc ade, capgemini, nisson, product development, startups, microsoft power bi
From startups to enterprises racing to get new products launched, AI and machine learning (ML) are making solid contributions to accelerating new product development. There are 15,400 job positions for DevOps and product development engineers with AI and machine learning today on Indeed, LinkedIn and Monster combined.
There are numerous approaches to in-house development; we explor
Well, you’ve heard of DevOps: development and operational teams working together to ensure you end up with software that does what’s needed, and staff who know how to work it effectively. The NoOps approach is more radical: instead of blurring the boundaries, the aim is to create software that doesn’t require an operational team at all by automating everything to the maximum extent possible...
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While many people talk about the DevOps pipeline and its impact on development and operations, there’s also an impact on other functions. For example, human resources doing the right hiring, sales doing the right pitch, or marketing obtaining feedback whether customers like the outcomes or not. According to IDC, DevSecOps will drive at least 50% of new applications in Asia-Pacific by 2024.
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DevOps teams can send real-time logs to 27 and counting supported endpoints. Default log fields are automatically exposed to better determine the root cause of any issue. DevOps teams can also capture custom event details.

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