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GCP DevOps / Google Cloud Platform Professional Services


If you are new to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but unsure of when and how to start a project, leverage the experience of our professional team and Google’s proven implementation methodology and let us support you through each phase so you understand the components of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that relate to your needs.

Our team provides consultancy, architecture, implementation, development, operations and compliance services for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem of capabilities. We also help our clients transform and transition service delivery approach to a cloud-native mindset.


  • Autoscaling and dockerizing of apps.
  • Cloud and infrastructure consultancy and implementation using GCP.
  • Best practice consultancy for GCP services.
  • GCP total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction strategies.
  • Design and implementation of GCP secure and compliant infrastructure.
  • Migration of applications, infrastructure and workloads to GCP.
  • Support and management of all GCP services.
  • Creation of an automated production/staging and development environment.
  • A robust plan for disaster recovery as well as failover drills.
  • Re-architecture of infrastructure in order to offer support for sustained growth.


  • In-house expertise in Cloud architecture improvements.
  • Lower total cost of computing and digital service delivery.
  • Compliant, highly secure computing for internal and external services.
  • Quick and easy acclimatisation to GCP products/services, supported by experts.
  • Access to the scalable and secure infrastructure offered by GCP.
  • High level understanding of the strategic implications of Cloud computing.
  • Access to the efficiencies of Cloud computing.

We help our clients throughout the move towards cloud computing. This can involve giving high-level strategic guidance, developing roadmaps, assessing existing IT infrastructure, and developing phased Agile development and roll-out of new architecture and services.

Building on the initial planning work, our team works hand-in-hand with the customer (e.g. its key stakeholders, internal service teams and user representatives) to understand the setup and migration issues, either for migrating to the cloud or transitioning between cloud services. We use a deep-dive discovery approach, typically working in an agile fashion, to explore the migration needs. This may involve a detailed mapping between the as-is and the to-be services, helping the customer understand the technical, infrastructure and security requirements to support the migration (and the wider implications for the organisation), always ensuring that the chosen solutions are fully aligned to high level business strategies. We will also identify what post-implementation support may be required to ensure the continuing viability, benefits-realisation and cost-effective maintenance of the services. Depending on the scope of a customer's individual needs, these in-depth services may be provided via separate service lines at an additional cost.

Our architects and consultants work from the outset to design and implement services which match user needs - and client budget. Quality assurance and testing is not something to bolt on at the end: we institute both as essential components of our service. We advised on quality, performance and compliance from the outset. Many performance features are, of course, engineered into GCP. Our expertise translates the needs of the client organisation into optimal architecture and service choice.

Security services type

  • Security strategy
  • Security risk management
  • Security design
  • Cyber security consultancy
  • Security testing
  • Security incident management
  • Security audit services

We provide a full managed service. All aspects of our deployment work can be maintained cost effectively by retaining us to manage services and support users. 

Our deep technical expertise and services help you unlock business value from the cloud across a range of solutions — including infrastructure, application modernization, data management and analytics, machine learning, security, and more.

DevOps Automation Professional Service
Our team builds, automates, containerizes, migrates, secures, optimizes, makes compliant — and creates harmony