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Cost optimization of high load Ticket Booking Solution

Client makes a lot great decision from scratch starting this project and we support his CI/CD and cloud design. Later on we got request to review and streamline their AWS bills.

We had a request to optimize AWS monthly cost for air ticket booking system which used micro-services architecture with Apache Kafka.

Technology stack for this project is AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Dockers, Java, Kafka, ElasticSearch etc.

We started with making inventory of all the services used as usually.

Monitoring tools were already set up. Project used CloudWatch.

We discovered that almost all components of the architecture were clustered and set up on EC2 instances. And they were stateless. 

We developed automation mechanisms which allowed to use spot EC2 instances in solution clusters instead of On-Demand instances.

These actions led to reduce AWS monthly cost by 58%.

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